Malaysian Organization for 

Development of Indian Women in 
Career, Entrepreneurs and Professionals


•To assist members to move up the corporate ladder

•To guide and mentor members to indulge in business

•To assist existing business women to expand & export

•To provide training and development to improve business and management acumen




Modus Operandi

We have created clear pathway for the development of the three categories of women. Our approach in serving the members is  via inspirational clubs, which the members become a part of. They then  continuously develop themselves in any specific area. They are as follows:



MiWEPs is a non profit organization for Malaysian Indian working women and entrepreneurs of three main categories namely women who are in employment, be it blue collar, white collar or professional; or self employed or entrepreneurs.  It was formed on 18th February 2016. As MiWEPs is a national organization and launched on the 15th of March 2016  by the Chairman of  Matrade, YBhg. Datuk Noraini Ahmad. The launch was held in conjunction with the International Women’s day . It was done in Matrade itself amidst a multi racial crowd of 300 pax. Currently MiWEPs boasts of several partnerships with  various organizations.

 MiWEPs was initiated by the Women Entrepreneurs Development Committee (WEDC) of KL & Selangor Indian Chamber of Commerce & Industry (KLSICCI) for several reasons:

To reach out and benefit  Indian women entrepreneurs beyond KL & Selangor.
To make room for women to operate autonomously and independently  in order to tap on abundant opportunities available for women.
 Apart from benefiting the Indian women entrepreneurs, MiWEPs was also formed to include those who are employed, professionals or in senior positions in organizations and business.

 The idea was proposed by Dr Maria Rufina (WEDC’s Chairperson), during a strategic workshop with the new committee members of WEDC and it became one of WEDC’s vision. This idea would not have come to reality if not for three persons who are the pillars, and are now the Advisors of MiWEPs.  They are Mr Madhu Sudhan Nair, the then President of KLSICCI,  Dr Jaya Bushani, the Founder and Honorary Advisor of WEDC and Dato Seri Dr Prushotman, a renowned businessman and philanthropist. The successful formation of MiWEPs is not only attributable to those above, but also the cohesive, cooperative and dynamic committee members of WEDC namely Mrs Nawarmani,          Pn Fauziah Bibi, Dr Sivajothy, Mrs Chitra, Mrs Jamuna, Pn Fawzia Begum and Ms Dahinoor John, who then became part of the EXCO of MiWEPS.

Short Term Goals – Dec 2018




To increase Indian Women C-Suite Officers, Board of Directors,  Managers and Entrepreneurs,  both in business   and corporate entities.


Modus Operandi 



•To fast track 50 pax on their upward career move

•To train 25 women on the Women Directors’ Programme and qualify them to sit on Board

•To hand hold 30 women to develop their businesses to the next level

•To create 30 Small Business Women.

•To have 500 members