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Car Booth Sales - 7th Oct 2018

Car Booth Sales 2018.png

The Car Booth Sales project was conducted by STAR CUEDIP group. It was spearheaded by Elizabeth Nelson and mentored by Ms Amsa Naidu. Those involved in this project were Hemalatha, Kalaiselvi, Uma Devi, Saraswathy, Rajasundari, Anietha and Keshmavani.


Car booth sales is very popular among other races but this is the first time, a car booth sale is being organized solely for Indians. A total of 48 booths were displayed in this event and the owners said that this was the first time ever for them to try out car booth sales. It was held at Tesco Extra Shah Alam car park on the 7th October 2018 from 4pm till 11pm.


To make this event more interesting, the group gave away prizes for 3 best booths and also 10 lucky draw prizes. Almost all of them boasted of very good sales, despite heavy rain on that day. Some great testimonies include 200% profit for an organic product, easy and affordable concept for startups and small businesses. The entire event was very successful and this was even published in the Tamil Malar newspaper.

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