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MENTOR WALK - 27th April 2019

MiWEPs organised Mentor walk 2019 on the same day as the 4th AGM on 27th April 2019, but from 2pm – 4pm in University Malaya  under the leadership of Puan Sri Dr Rohini Devi, the Chair for Mentor Club. The Mentor walk was the first of its kind carried out by Indian Women NGO and was held in University Malaya.
Mentor Walk is an opportunity for those in career, budding entrepreneurs or even students to learn from the more senior and professional ones who have years of experience and have carved success in their own field. During this session, they would connect as a community to share their experiences for self advancement and improvement. It also served as a platform to those seeking answers to their educational plans and career related queries. MiWEPs aspires to empower as many women as possible to become leaders of the future. Mentoring is a powerful tool to unlock potential and to fast track their career and business.
In this session, 40 high calibre mentors  and notable personalities from various industries and nationality participated as mentors and they attracted 150 mentees to participate.  


We started off by briefing both groups separately. We reiterated two important rules. Firstly, the mentors should be mentee focus. The pair up must be solutions to the queries of the mentees and should not be a one way communication where only the mentor talks. Secondly, the mentees had to ask a lot of questions to ensure they get answers to their queries and concerns. 

After the briefing, we started part 1, where the mentees were pre assigned to a mentor based on their requirement. Each mentor had about  3-15 mentees. The mentor and respective mentees were free to move around the premises, look for a good spot and share experiences. 

After a short break, we then commenced part two in the auditorium. In this part, the mentees were free to visit any other mentor of their choice at every 10 minute intervals. At the end of sharing, the mentees were encouraged to identify two – three action plans that they were to pursue immediately after. The entire auditorium space was filled, and it was chaotic but very intense sharing was taking place. The mentees wanted the best of the pool of expert resources and we could see that no one cared to waste any time at all. It was indeed a very fruitful session.

Finally to conclude, we congregated them in the auditorium  and called out for testimonies. Many shared that this session had brought them a lot of confidence, was an eye opener, the mentors were so caring and willing to share, the mentors even offered their personal contacts to continue being in touch.  The first ever Mentor Walk indeed turned out to be another mega success by  MiWEPs


Part 1 of Mentor Walk – All Mentors with their respective mentees in various corners

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