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About MiWEPs

MiWEPs is a national organization, formed on 18th February 2016 and launched grandly on the 15th March 2016 in Matrade by YBhg Dato Noraini Ahmad. About 300 people of various nationalities and  gender representing many other NGOs were present to witness this historic moment. 


MiWEPs focuses on empowerment of women from three main categories namely:

  • women in employment, be it blue collar, white collar or professional; 

  • women who are self employed or entrepreneurs. 

  • Women who are professionals such as lawyers , doctors and other professions. 

The purpose of our existence is to help women to escalate themselves, be it in confidence, personal development, career development,  positions in company, leadership positions or in business. By doing so, we want to play a pivotal role to increase the number of women  representation in managerial positions, C-Suite Officers, Board of Directors and Entrepreneurs,  both in business and corporate entities.

Our Vision


To INCREASE Indian Women C-Suite Officers, Board of Directors, Managers and Entrepreneurs, both in business and corporate entities.

Our Mission

Assist existing business women to expand & export

Assist members to move up the corporate ladder.

Guide and mentor members to indulge in business.


Provide training and development to improve business and management acumen.


To achieve this we have created clear pathway for the development of the three categories of women. Our approach in serving the members is via inspirational clubs also known as i-clubs. Members are encouraged to plug themselves to any of these in order to continuously develop themselves.


Apart form having face to face events, MiWEPs also embarks on online events and training. By doing so, we hope to reach out to women form all over Malaysia and even globally. 

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