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Business Network & Exhibition with GERC, Philippines

The Gender Equality Resource Center (GERC), a non-government organization supporting co-operatives in the Philippines conducted a study visit in Malaysia in June 2017. They were very keen in connecting with any Women Associations in Malaysia, and with the referral from Mr. Kogilan of Heritage G Tour, MiWEPs initiated the Business Network and Exhibition for them.

Two speakers from MiWEPs shared their experiences. Dr. Maria Rufina and Ms. Suguna shared their experiences on formation of Women NGO's, and IR 4.0 and how women should be a part of it, respectively.

To add greater value to this network, we organized 50 business booths, by women. It was a carnival type of atmosphere, and the GERC ladies were very impressed. As for our women who took up the booths, they were full of smiles as most of their products were sold. At the end of the event, there was an exchange of MOU between Dr. Emma A. Nieva representing GERC and Dr. Maria Rufina representing MiWEPs.

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