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Women Directorship Programme (WDP)

Women Directorship Programme (WDP) is an exclusive programme conducted by LEAD WOMEN, a body which strives for 30% women in the Board as Directors. Entry into this programme is by selection, based on seniority in terms of experience and professionalism. This time around on the 13th – 15th Feb 2017, 3 of them from MiWEPs were selected.

Others who attended this programme were senior officials from multinational organizations. They were furnished and equipped with good understanding on the roles and responsibility of the board and directorship, public company and securities market, corporate governance, structure composition and stakeholders, board dynamics and presence.

Those who have attended this programme are then promoted to the public listed companies to be appointed to the board. This will be a continuous programme and MiWEPs has another 10 persons in the waiting list to attend the next one.

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